Want to play but don’t have time to get neck deep in lore? We’ve all been there. Here are the things you absolutely need to know to play Harsh Generation.


In the mid-22nd century, American infrastructure crumbled under the weight of famine, disease, and social panic into what has become known as the Blackout Years. Cities were isolated from one another by vast expanses of bioengineered forest known as the Overgrowth, leading to the fractured world of today.


Delphia is comprised of self-sustaining communities built up around the common religion of the residents. Communities vary in composition, technological prowess, and stability. Security is difficult to maintain and most locations are under a constant threat of violence from outsiders.


While each city boasts its own homegrown religions, the Church of Oruvos was the first to spread past the borders of its origins. Now they have begun a campaign of benevolent control, re-establishing defunct rail lines and moving from city to city to spread knowledge and the way of the Serpent. The religions and denominations you will encounter in Delphia are as follow:

  • Oruvianism (Oruvians): Followers of Oruvos revere knowledge and understanding over all else, and consider ignorance to be the ultimate sin. Devotees have a holy mission to eradicate this sin and spread truth at all costs. Key word: Power

  • The Festum Mortalis (Mortali): Followers of the Feast of Mortals worship Mother Death, an entity that promotes the understanding of death as inevitable. She offers comfort to the downtrodden with this core, equalizing tenet. Key word: Survival

  • The Perfection Principles (Principlists): The Perfection Principles are native to the city of Delphia and therefore see the largest representation. Worshippers are driven to embody perfection in whatever way they deem fit. Key word: Order

  • The Left Hand Path (Walkers): The Left Hand Path is walked by those who oppose Oruvianism. Followers are driven equally in the pursuit of knowledge, but primarily as it pertains to exposing the faults of the church. Key word: Truth


During the Blackout Years, one of the few bits of technology not lost to time was the art of body modification. Cybernetics, electrogenetic splices, and gadgets are not cheap to acquire and not accessible to everyone, but for those who can afford them, they do wonders in leveling the American playing field.

Tech ID:

Your Tech ID describes what sort of modified human you are and which modifications you will be able to choose from. Tech IDs cannot be mixed and cannot be reversed. All IDs are as follow:

Tavarrian: These individuals use advanced technology to implant metallic, cybernetic and biotechnical devices within their bodies.

Electrogen: Undergoing complex and delicate electrogenetic splicing, these people modify their bodies’ natural growth in extreme ways to gain incredible abilities.

Homo Puri: Using technology left behind by the ancestors of the modern world, the Puri leave their bodies unmodified in order to interface with special full-body suits that only work for those who have an unaltered physiology.


America’s economy is based on bartering, the conduction of electricity, and most importantly, word of mouth. Nothing gets you further in life than by the rumor of your good - or nefarious - actions around the city. Acting in the name of your personal church gains you favor with them, too, and most religions are very generous with those that spread their word.


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