Emily began working on Harsh about four years ago when her wife said "I need a theocratic apocalypse to write in" and she took it as a challenge. Now her primary projects are continuing Harsh Gen's forward trajectory elsewhere in America, completing Cocktails & Chemtrails - a card game about conspiracy theories, and developing Kaligrapholis - a gamified website to help support and encourage new writers in their pursuit of becoming better at what they love. She is fond of videogames, weird animals, and any flavor of roleplay. She has a Master’s Degree in linguistics and it allows her to be very enthusiastic about words.



Frisco Cruise was brought onto the project by Emily to help create the mechanics to match the world she had created. Their projects include developing the core mechanics for Harsh, kicking off Anomalous Entertainment’s monthly game releases, and several other game-rules and game culture projects.


Alannah grimm

Alannah is a UI/UX designer with an uncanny ability to turn Emily’s half-baked ideas into amazing logos and artwork and is responsible for the logos, website imagery, rulebook guidance, and all promotional material for Harsh and Kaligrapholis. She and her boyfriend practice design and stream a variety of games together on their channel Digitree, and she’s got a penchant for making extremely-clever Twitch emojis as well.