big chainsaw energy


BigChainsawEnergy (he/him) is a twitch streamer with big energy and a focus on safe and inclusive Big Community Energy. Being queer himself, BCE tries to bring people together for thrills, spills, and community feels. He was instrumental in supporting Harsh by offering a platform for streaming as well as endless hype and ideas for the game.




Digitree is comprised of Michael and Alannah, two lighthearted gamers and real life designers. They stream all types of games and strive to learn from the amazing communities surrounding each one. Alannah was instrumental in developing Harsh’s aesthetic by creating all of the marketing materials, logo design, and general emotional support.


Side Quest


SideQuestRPG is a channel full of eclectic and inclusive gamers that love to play TTRPGs. Join them for the ongoing Queer Questers campaign as well as four weeks of Harsh Generation - and some surprise events!




Anomalous Entertainment Co brings you monthly tabletop and LARP content focusing on experimental, short, and otherwise anomalous content. Expect solo TTRPGs, living room LARPs, tools and documents that help game runners or players, and other oddities to pop up. As one of the creators’ projects, AE has been a great help in boosting Harsh Generation’s presence within the community.




Danielle does art and illustration for commission. She was the first artist to hop on board the Harsh art train and her art has been the crux of most of our marketing. She’s excellent to work with and comes highly recommended!


Alaric Baez illustration


Alaric provided much of the rulebook illustrations for the final release of Harsh Generation. He was recommended by BCE and an excellent addition to the team.




A superhero RPG podcast run by RC and a team of quality nerds consisting of bimonthly chapters and a lot of hard work. RC has been a staunch supporter of Harsh Generation since its inception as a vague concept, and despite Emily’s utter inability to commit to hanging out, has stuck with her and the project by offering hype, promotion, and support.