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Set in a broken Philadelphia 300 years from now, Harsh is best described as an alternative-future, post-apocalyptic narrative survival game. Players will be forced to choose between the constraints of their religion, the expectations of their companions, and the reality of their situation when determining the best way forward. It can be serious or silly - it all depends on how you and your players want to tell your story.


Harsh Generation is a self-generating storytelling game where players navigate a series of narrative prompts and hurdles to satisfy their goals. Players will travel through Philadelphia (referred to as Delphia), fulfilling the terms of large Crises by exploring other communities on the map and gathering resources and notoriety.

In addition to these large Crises, characters will need to balance their own personal motivations with those of the group, determining where they align and diverge and deciding if going against the wishes of their companions is a smart move - or one that might lose them the trust of the people helping them to survive.